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Our Story

Freya Movement power symbol
Jenny Hoofnagle and Amanda Schoppe

Jenny Hoofnagle and Amanda Schoppe met in 2019 while teaching the pregnancy and postpartum population in NYC. Through their individual experiences as women, they both developed a deep passion for ensuring pregnant people have the most positive experience possible throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey. 


In 2021, over dinner in Union Square, they discussed how they both had several requests coming in from clients for class recommendations and no trusted place to send them. They decided to join forces in order to create a home for pregnant and postpartum people and in February 2022 Moms on the Move was born when they launched their new online platform.


As the virtual community has grown and they have begun to expand offerings to in-person classes, the vision of what this movement studio has to offer has grown as well, and now, in March 2023, Moms on the Move has evolved into Freya Movement Studio. 

Freya is the Nordic Goddess of fertility, sex, war, gold and magic. “Freya” quickly rose to the surface as the perfect way to name what Jenny and Amanda see when they think about, train, and support pregnant and postpartum people. When you're in class, we want you to feel like Freya. When you're in labor and delivery, we want you to embody Freya. When you're parenting, you are Freya. We see it and we want you to believe it. Freya is beautiful. Freya is sensual. Freya is maternal. Freya is strong. Freya is bold. Freya is a miracle. And so are you. 

Freya Movement Studio’s mission is to:

  • Empower the prenatal and postpartum population 

  • Provide effective workouts designed with scientific methodologies

  • Build an authentic community

  • Connect you to high quality experts


We are so glad you are here and we welcome you to the Freya Movement Studio community! We look forward to moving with you and celebrating all the incredible things you and your body can do. 

Jenny Hoofnagle
Amanda Schoppe
Freya Submark
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