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Answering Your Questions: Abs Part 3!

Hey Freya Fam!

For today’s blog, we're finishing up our Q&A series answering this question:

“Abs: what can be done on your back and until when?”

… we have a special treat for you! Tune in to a short video where Jenny breaks down some of Freya Movement’s favorite abdominal exercises in several different positions. Click play on the image below to view the video now!

If you’ve missed the previous 2 posts related to this question from our Instagram follower, you can read part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE. If you’re looking for the chance to break down the “pelvic floor and belly wrap and lift” that Jenny talks about in this video, join us in class this coming Saturday on Zoom at 10 am. Our guest teacher, Bianca Soto, will be leading the way for us this weekend. Have a burning question of your own you’d like us to answer here and on social? Send us a note, and we’ll give you all the 411! We look forward to seeing you on the mat! Xo Jenny & Amanda

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