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We're Not Just a Workout,

We're a Home.

About Us

About Us

Freya Movement Studio is an NYC based prenatal and postpartum fitness studio offering virtual and in-person classes.

Co-founded by Jenny Hoofnagle and Amanda Schoppe, Freya Movement believes that expecting and new parents deserve to feel safe, seen and supported.


At Freya Movement Studio you'll learn how to move your body safely and efficiently through a high intensity, low or no impact workout that focuses on training you for the performance event of labor and delivery. We know that many fitness classes can leave you feeling uncertain about what you can and can’t do while pregnant. Or maybe you struggle to feel satisfied because it’s just not challenging enough - and you want to sweat! Our classes are beat-driven, challenging and fun! You’ll never need to modify, as we always offer multiple levels for each exercise so you can choose the one that feels best in your body. Our workouts are built to empower you so you feel strong, confident and free on and off the mat. You may even end your pregnancy stronger than when you started.

prenatal and postpartum holistic wellness

We believe in a holistic approach to wellness. Our approach to wellness goes beyond any given symptom and takes into account the whole being to create a full mind, body and spirit awareness, leaving you grounded and open to positive energy and flow.

prenatal and postpartum education

We know we can’t be with you 24 hours a day. Therefore, our goal is to provide you with enough education and resources so you’ll possess the knowledge you need to feel empowered to move through the world safely and with strength and ease.

prenatal and postpartum community

Freya Movement is a space that connects you with individuals who are navigating a similar experience. The journey through pregnancy and parenting can be isolating but at Freya Movement you are not alone. You are the rule not the exception!

Pregnat female virtual home workout
Signature Class
prenatal and postpartum in-person workout class
Freya Movement workout tools
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Our Signature Workout

High intensity, No Impact. Performance based strength and cardio training scientifically designed to prepare you for the demands of pregnancy, 4th trimester and motherhood. Classes are beat driven, tons of fun, and a great fit for your body at any point along your pregnancy journey!

Not able to attend a virtual or in person class live, but still want to workout with us? Workout on your own time! You will receive an on-demand replay link on the same day after the class. You will then have access to that replay workout for 48 hours.

What to expect during our 45-minute Signature class

pregnant and postpartum breathwork


Designed to support and build stamina for the demands of pregnancy, helping your body respond to physical pain (ie: pushing) as well as helping you find a sense of connection, relaxation and wellbeing during your recovery.  

pregnant and postpartum strength training

Strength Training

Becoming a mother requires lifting heavy objects on a regular basis. Whether that weight is your baby, a carseat, strollers, heavy grocery bags, or getting up and down from the floor with baby. Strength training helps you feel strong, confident and functional.

pregnant and postpartum labor training

Labor Training (Cardio) 

Labor training is to prepare your body, mind and spirit for the event of labor and delivery. You will be guided through a series of cardio bursts and recovery periods. Beat driven and fun!

pregnant and postpartum pilates core work

Pilates based Core Training

Proper core awareness and function is something we focus on in each and every exercise and in each and every class. Your core has to support your changing body, your changing center of gravity and keep up with your growing baby.


Meet Your Trainers

Jenny Hoofnagle Co-Founder
Jenny Hoofnagle

Community. Centering Empowerment. Self-Care.

These are the values that guide all of Jenny’s work with her movement clients.  As a lifelong performer, Jenny has tried every modality available in her search for the best way to care for her body, mind, and spirit. An experience with her own pelvic floor dysfunction led her to Pilates, her fitness training career, and her passion for working with expectant mothers and new moms. Jenny aims to broaden women's understanding, appreciation, and care for their bodies.Jenny holds a Comprehensive Pilates Certification from Core Pilates NYC. She is a Prenatal and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist and Core Consultant, and she is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Amanda Schoppe Co-Founder
Amanda Schoppe

Breath. Awareness. Movement. Connection.

These principles are the foundation of Amanda’s one-on-one training, group classes and coaching. Amanda was a professional dancer with the Radio City Rockettes for 8 years before launching her fitness training and coaching business. She brings her bright energy, a genuine curiosity and grace to everyone she works with at Freya Movement. Amanda thrives on helping women and moms of all kinds to feel stronger in the mind, body and soul. She holds certifications in Stott Pilates, Group Fitness, Personal Training, and is a Holistic Health Coach, a Prenatal and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist and Core Consultant, and is a Birth Doula.

Freya Movement Studio Blog

Inspiration and information for the prenatal and postpartum community

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