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3 Postpartum Tips to Help Get you Moving

Hi Mamas!

Did you know that all of our classes are programmed and planned for the postpartum body as well as the prenatal body?

While we pride ourselves on focusing on building up strength and prevention during pregnancy, we also love seeing you back on the mat after you’ve had your baby to guide you all the way through your postpartum healing journey with the same attention, love and care as we did throughout your pregnancy.

While we know that your life has changed greatly whether you just welcomed your first or fifth child into your family, we also know that it’s still important to carve out space for yourself and put yourself first on the list of priorities at least once a day so that you can heal from the event of labor and delivery and begin to create balance in your day to day for your own mental, emotional and physical well being. That’s why we offer multiple ways for you to join us for movement designed just for you.

(As a friendly reminder we offer regularly scheduled live Zoom classes — all with an on-demand playback recording, On-Demand movement bundles, as well as private training!)

Whether you are newly postpartum or close to being so, here are three things we at Freya Movement want you to remember.

1. Start breathwork as soon as you are able to!

If you’re up to it, we want you to begin this on day 1 that baby arrives. If that doesn’t feel good for you, as soon as it does is the best time to start. We know that the early days and weeks after giving birth, before you are cleared to “work out” is still a crucial time for your body to begin making connections to the inner core unit (transverse abdominals, pelvic floor and diaphragm). You can safely begin the breathwork we teach in all of our classes immediately to encourage blood flow and gentle, healthy movement and reconnection of these muscles to encourage healing.

2. Give yourself time and grace.

You, your body and your baby have been through so much in the past 10 months! We know it can feel like a race to the finish line to feeling back to yourself pre-pregnancy after baby. But, we also know healing isn’t linear and pushing yourself too far too soon can do more harm than good. Gone are the days of “snapping back.” In are the days of grounding work and holding space for the newness in your life so that you can safely and effectively get strong as a mother in the time your body needs to do so. Moms on the Move classes are designed to address the mind body and spirit during this time and also always gives you options to level up or down in every minute of class.

3. Find your team.

We know the postpartum period can be overwhelming, but there are so many professionals who can and want to help you navigate this time with ease. We work alongside several pelvic floor physical therapists and doulas, have incredible friends over at Birth Smarter, are firm believers in mental health professionals, acupuncture, massage therapy and alllll the resources out there that can make you feel like you’re not going at this journey alone. Put a strong team together and you’ll have someone to reach out to any time you need some support. You deserve it!

We’d love the opportunity to be on your team. Check out our class schedule and find a time to join us for class. If you recently had your baby, we’ll be so excited to welcome you (and baby!) back to the mat as soon as your doctor says it’s appropriate.

We have your back, mama! Let’s move!


Jenny and Amanda

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