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3 Reasons we Love Being Back in the Studio

Hi Mamas! Spring is springing in NYC and we're excited to move with you live and in-person this Saturday in Greenwich Village. While we love all the amazing benefits of Zoom workouts, we also know what it feels like to get that incredibly powerful dopamine hit that comes from working out in a room full of other people with a shared experience, similar mindset and common goals -- spoiler alert: it's FIRE! Here are 3 reasons we're loving being back in the studio with you all again and why we're creating more opportunities for us all to sweat IRL together!

1. The camaraderie of community! As I mentioned before -- it's all about that ENERGY. While the output never lacks in our virtual classes, we feel that the ability to hear your fellow pregnant person on the mat next to you breathing and even laughing provides the shared experience that leads to closer bonding. We know that the pregnancy and postpartum period of life can be isolating and that's why we're so passionate about creating a space where you can connect to other women going through something similar to you. Looking around the room and seeing other movers who look like you and then chatting after class sharing detail of your most recent doctor's visit and which breast pump you like the most is invaluable when you're feeling the entire rainbow of emotions that this time of life comes with - whether it's your first or fourth time. We're not just a workout, we're your home.

2.Setting aside time to take care of ourselves, especially during pregnancy and ESPECIALLY during postpartum, can be so hard to do. It's hard to find the time, it's hard to commit to the time... We know you want to, and we know there are also 3,000 people, places and things that need your attention constantly. We also know that you cannot possibly show up in your life and the lives of your loved ones as your best self if you have not taken care of yourself first. It's cliche, but incredibly true. We. Cannot. Pour. From. An. Empty. Cup. And we know it is easier to get your YOU time in when you've signed up in advance and have an exact time/place to be somewhere and where people are also expecting you. Bonus - we've done all the planning work for you and all you have to do is show up!

3. Hands on cues! We love seeing your bumps on screen - AND we can't wait to see you live in 3D so that we can give you even more useful tips and tricks and even give you a hands on cue to help you get the most bang for your buck out of your workout. We know that the way we ask you to connect your mind and body during our Moms on the Move classes may be a new way for you to think about movement, so we love being able to really see and sometimes feel what's going on in your belly along with you to help you feel as strong and confident in your ability to move your body most efficiently. Zoom is an AMAZING tool to coach movement, and virtual classes aren't going anywhere... but also nothing beats the lightbulb moments that sometimes happen in classes during moving planks when we're actually able to place our hand on your belly and ask you to lift your bump away from it as you move.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the mat Xo Jenny

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