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Behind the Name: We are all Freya!

Happy Wednesday, Freya Family!

I wanted to drop a line today to tell you a little bit about our new namesake: Freya.

First, Freya is pronounced “FRAY-uh” phonetically.

And Freya is a Goddess.

Hailing from Norse Mythology, Freya is the Goddess of: love, beauty, fertility, sex, war, gold and magic.

I get all fizzy inside when I write that. I hope you do when you read it, too.

When we think of all that Freya represents

we feel strong…

we feel royal…

we feel powerful…

we feel bada**…

we feel beautiful…

we feel ethereal…

we feel grounded…

we feel like a mother…

we feel like a warrior…

All of these things… and more… is what YOU are to us. And this is why we chose Freya as our new name on our journey forward to building the prenatal and postpartum fitness revolution with all of you! If you are pregnant or have had a baby you know that the experience could never possibly be described with any one word or idea. Becoming pregnant, experiencing labor and delivery, and then raising a child (or children!)… these are all incredibly BIG, multifaceted moments of life that are full of many feelings, many emotions, many versions of you. And all of these experiences are what make you a Goddess.

Here are some definitions of a Goddess:

  • A being of supernatural powers or attributes

  • A being believed in and worshiped

  • A being believed to be the source of life

When we see you on the mat during your pregnancy, during your immediate postpartum phase and throughout your parenting journey THAT is who we see. Yes, we are a workout. Yes, we are a community. Yes, we are a home. And we want you to unleash your Goddess in each and every class. YES, we ARE Freya Xo Jenny & Amanda

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