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A Few Gentle January Reminders

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Hi Mamas,

This month in many of my private training sessions with expecting and new moms there has been this overarching feeling of overwhelm. And trust me, I feel it too. This time of year with the winter darkness, cold weather and desires to step into a new year with focused resolutions can bring a lot of heaviness. Heaviness doesn’t necessarily come with negative energy but it can create a sense of disembodiment, tension and a lack of motivation. How can we remind ourselves and our bodies that it is okay to soften. It is okay to rest. It is okay to not feel like the ‘best’ version of yourself every single day.

Three simple reminders:

  1. Stillness

  2. Allow

  3. Shift

STILLNESS: Taking a few moments in the morning to check in with yourself. Your breath is such a simple and beautiful way to connect and drop into the present moment.

Wrap your fingers around your ribs ( like how we start our Freya Movement classes) or place your hands on your belly and heart then inhale through the nose for 3-4 counts and exhale with some sound (like a sigh) for 4-5 counts. Do it for 1-3 minutes.

ALLOW: The breath might not immediately help you to let go or relax into whatever feeling or stressor that you feel. However, when we allow space for the feelings to be there then we are fully present in our experience whatever that may be. An example is during Freya Movement classes when we practice Labor Training. The work and effort might feel challenging and uncomfortable, but in those rest periods taking time to release and allow whatever feelings are coming up we can fully step into the next section with clarity and ease.

SHIFT: This one's my favorite. The shift is not a forced shift but it can be taking a moment away from your desk to gently stretch your body. To take a walk around the block. To Move with us! Your choice. Try a few different methods. Notice what works and what doesn’t.

Let’s keep reminding ourselves that the heaviness can be very informative so let us know if you try these 3 steps. What works for you? What do you notice?

As always,

We cannot wait to see you on the mat.


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