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Tools for Managing your Energy

Hi Mamas! As January 2023 comes to a close, I find myself craving a little more focus, connection and intention. By now, our New Year Resolutions are starting to fade away. Not because we aren’t dedicated, motivated or well intentioned, but because … life happens. One conversation I am having on repeat with clients is that everyone is feeling overwhelmed and tired. For many, their household has been through many rounds of sickness and more sickness. The timing feels perfect to introduce you all to some very interesting work I have been doing with a system called Energy Management. Energy Management is a practice of actionable tools that you can start to implement right away to gain more physical energy. Our physical energy directly impacts our emotional state and our experience of life. These tools are simple and fun to do by yourself or with a family member. Energy Management has been incredibly impactful during times of challenge in my life as well as in times of anxiety or overwhelm of day-to-day life. The main themes of Energy Management revolve around Body, Focus & Dialogue.

  1. Body is literally how you feel in your body, how are you sitting, walking through your day, breathing etc.

  2. Focus is what we choose to focus on. This one is SO impactful and interesting. Focus can be described as if our minds were radio stations. What are we giving more air time to? The negative, the worry, the worst case scenarios? Or are we giving more air time to our ideal situations?

  3. Dialogue is how we choose to speak to ourselves. As women the world can feel restrictive and confronting in terms of societal pressures, like how we parent, what we do for a living or how we look. Our dialogue is a beautiful tool to develop a kinder inner language, one that supports who we are at our core, what we are wanting more of in our lives and where we are going.

As always,

We cannot wait to see you on the mat.


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