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3 Ways to Move Over the Holidays

Hi Mamas!

The holidays are here. What are your plans? Are you even ready?

I don’t mean Thanksgiving menu plans or Christmas gift lists but rather your plan to keep moving your body in intuitive and functional ways.

Here are three simple ways to keep your body moving during these next few weeks.

1. Housekeeping

  • Playing with your children

  • Grocery shopping

  • Christmas Shopping

  • Cooking

These are all basic things that we do not immediately associate with ‘exercise’, however, I invite you to reconsider.

Implementing your Diaphragmatic and inner core breath while vacuuming, sweeping or cleaning toilets = exercise. Adding in 30-60 second wall squats while your dinner roasts in the oven = exercise. Parking your car a little further away from the grocery store entrance and walking a little further = exercise.

2. Freya Movement

We record each and every class. Between our 30 minute express or 45 minute signature classes you have options for more or less depending on your schedule. In your calendar, make a date with yourself and keep it. We are constantly over delivering on our commitments to others during the Holidays, so treat yourself to a date that you keep with yourself.

3. Dance Parties

Seriously! During our Freya Movement classes we practice labor training (cardio bursts) to train for the demands of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. This is way more than just physical training. It is mental and spiritual as well. When we bring more joy, presence and play into our training you can open up deeper lines of connection within your body. The waves of contractions during labor can be incredibly intense and overwhelming, your mind and your breath are powerful tools. Go ahead and put on your favorite holiday tunes and dance for about 2 minutes with a 20 second recovery in between (4-5 deep breaths). Do 3-4 rounds! Enjoy!

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

xo Amanda & Jenny

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