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Preparing for the “Contact Sport” of Parenting

Hi Mamas! Yesterday I heard a tale of someone who had given birth three weeks ago being cleared for movement by their doctor and thinking about taking an incredibly high intensity workout class as a response to this news. I get it, this person is THRILLED to have been cleared for movement and is excited to get back to the routines and challenges they liked to enjoy pre-pregnancy. And, I promise, at Moms on the Move, we want that too! AND… we really want you to get there safely. My response to the news of the person who wanted to jump back in at 110% was a real life anecdote of the experience that can happen if you press on the gas too hard too soon after birth. All it may take is a few burpees to end up in PT for several months addressing something like a pelvic organ prolapse, and your recovery window will slow down even more. This is why we want to remind you this week that Freya Movement classes are designed and offered for not just pregnant people, but postpartum people too!! While we do require that your doctor give you medical clearance before taking classes, as soon as you get that “go” (usually anywhere from 6-8 weeks) we are here to challenge you every single class to take a step forward in your healing journey and rebuild your strength, including core and pelvic floor strength, stability, cardio endurance and power. If you’re postpartum and you took a Freya Movement class during your pregnancy, you know that we’re not your average pregnancy workout. By that same token, we’re not your average postpartum workout either. Here’s a taste of the ways we program our classes to get you back into fighting shape after you have your baby so that you’re prepared for the “contact sport” of parenting.

1. We spend time on your warm up! The first several minutes of class are designed to get your body ready to move… and I mean REALLY ready to move. We know that diaphragmatic breathing is incredibly important to a) facilitate proper muscle activation throughout your entire body and b) set up and maintain proper inner core unit (transverse abdonminis, pelvic floor and diaphragm) activation throughout your entire workout. So we believe in setting your postpartum body up for success by starting with breath-work in every class.

2.Then we move through strength, cardio, balance and core work that targets all of the changed/most challenged body parts from your pregnancy, and that you need in daily life with your little one. For example: hormonal changes that make your joints feel unsteady throughout pregnancy continue to affect your body for up to three months after giving birth or concluding breast feeding. Single leg balance work helps to rebuild the necessary strength in your hips, knees and ankles to properly stabilize your movements throughout the day. We know that your baby grows quickly and you’re going to be lifting them and putting them down all day long! Our strength training section will target both the upper and lower body with a heavy attention on proper form (hello core!!) to allow you to move with freedom and less aches and pains. We know that you want to get your endurance back up and hit your step goal for the day. For our postpartum moms we always offer levels in our cardio sections to gradually increase your stamina and move you safely back to adding impact over time and with goalposts along the way.

3. One thing that is inherent in all of our Freya Movement classes, which really sets us apart from most other workouts you’ll find, is our attention to being “pelvic floor and diastasis recti aware” throughout class. Regardless of how you brought your little one into the world, your abdominals and pelvic floor have been through A LOT (yes, even with a C-Section… these parts of your body were under pressure and changing for 10 months prior to your delivery date). And while most occurrences of diastasis will heal on their own within 8 weeks, there’s also the possibility that too much too soon can do more harm than good. Your body is still so impacted by hormones and your movement routines have likely been different for at least a little while. In our classes you’ll never be left to wonder “can I do this exercise now?” Or thinking “how would I do that safely for the first time again?” We pride ourselves in providing you with info, descriptions, and education that will empower you to listen closer to your body and increase the intensity of your workout with intention and care.

So, if you’re postpartum and have been looking for a way to confidently return to movement in a safe and welcoming, as well as EFFECTIVE, environment, we can’t wait to see you in class! Xo Jenny

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