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Why Do We Choose The Strength Exercises We Teach in Freya Movement Classes?

Hi Mamas!

If you've been a member of our community for a while, you know here at Freya Movement we pride ourselves on programming all of our workouts to be effective and efficient... but what does that mean?

It means whenever we begin programming a class, the question we are always trying to answer is: What does this client need?

In the case of Freya Movement, we're specifically asking: What does this body, one that is currently prenatal or postpartum (#parentingisacontactsport), need in order to be the strongest it can possibly be so it can rise to the occasion and perform the tasks demanded of it during this special moment in life — including the ultimate performance event of labor and delivery?

Our answer to this question always leads us to focusing on the following three major muscle groups during our strength training sections of class. We know that maximizing strength in these areas can lead to a more comfortable and effortless experience of life off the mat. Here's why:

1. Inner Core Unit

The inner core unit consists of both the most important muscle for efficient and proper muscle activation, your diaphragm, as well as the two muscle groups most effected by the changes your body goes through during pregnancy. Getting this system turned on and synchronized is going to ignite your working like never before while also insuring the most vulnerable muscles on your body during pregnancy, that will also aid you in pushing during L&D are strong.

2. Lower body

During pregnancy your body is undergoing slight shifts in the center of gravity all the time. Meanwhile, hormones running through your system are making your joints more relaxed. These two phenomenons make training your lower body paramount to keeping your truck stable while also minimizing aches and pains that come along with pregnancy.

3. Upper Body

You don’t need us to tell you that a major part of being a parent is picking your little one up and placing them back down. And feeding them. And pushing them on a swing. And your little one will grow, and fast. We love to focus on upper body strength during class so that you can lift your little one all day long without breaking a sweat off the mat. This is just the beginning of the things we consider when we’re planning class for you. We stand by our focus in these areas to make sure we’re giving you what you need each and every time you’re on the mat.

Let’s get moving and you can feel for yourself the Freya Movement difference. Here, you’re the rule, not the exception.

We'll see you on the mat!


Jenny and Amanda

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